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Dear fans of Blues Alive,
as you well know, this year marks the jubilee 25th year of our festival. The situation in its preparations is complex and rather confusing due to the ongoing pandemic and subsequent restrictive measures. Nevertheless, we are absolutely convinced that we will actually meet you at the House of Culture in Šumperk on November 12-14.

At the moment all depend mainly on the possibility of grouping in a larger number of people. We firmly believe that in that in half a year the government will allow at least such a number at which the organization of our festival will make sense.

As for putting the program together, we are currently in a very operational stage preparing three variants of Blues Alive. The primary one is as you know it from previous years, i.e. with artists from all over the world, with big stars and legends and fresh discoveries of the blues scene. But we are also ready that only musicians from European countries will be able to come. Even in this case, we will offer you the highest quality. And thirdly, If the borders are closed, we are also working on a purely Czech variant, when we would try to bring the absolute top of Czech blues and similar music to Šumperk.

Whatever the result, we believe that the program offer and consequently the atmosphere at the 25th Blues Alive will please you as every year and that together we will forget all the sorrows of this strange year for at least those three days.

Let's keep our fingers crossed for each other.

Vladimír Rybička, festival director
Ondřej Bezr, dramaturge
Štěpán Suchochleb, booking agent


Blues Aperitiv has been put off. The new date will be announced later.


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The finalists of the Blues Aperitiv competition, in which young promising bands are selected for the November Blues Alive, are known

Another year of the Blues Alive International Festival in Šumperk is still nine months ahead, but there is already a selection of young and promising blues bands that will be presented live in November in the main part of this prestigious show. In the second half of February, as part of the 21st edition of the Blues Aperitiv competition, an expert jury selected seven groups to play at the final concert on Saturday 28 March in the concert hall of the House of Culture in Šumperk.

Two winners of the competition will be nominated by the festival's organizers for the main Blues Alive program, which takes place from 12 to 14 November 2020. The bands advoncing to the competition concert are: Blue Willmingtons (Poland), The PeaNuts (Czech Republic), Diapositive (Poland) ), Mo / Fo Cat Clarion (CR), Patt Berry Trio (CR), Blackberry Brothers (Poland) and Foxy Mama (CR). Substitutes are Tommy G Band (Czech Republic) and Fingerstyle Bob & The Blues Society (Poland).

This year's Blues Aperitiv was very rich in several ways,” says Ondřej Bezr, chairman of the jury and dramaturge of Blues Alive. The number of bands entered was record-breaking and they entered the first round of the contest by four more than last year, ie a total of thirty-four. Also the countries of origin, when the traditional Czech, Slovak and Polish musicians were supplemented by competitors from Belarus and Spain. “Moreover, a generation scope featuring several bands proves that the blues phenomenon also appeals to musicians at the beginning of their musician and life career. And also a wide range of styles, from acoustic forms of blues and music derived from it, through fully electrified bluesrock, to various experiments with atypical instruments or song forms, ”adds Ondřej Bezr. "I believe that the live performances of the finalists will confirm that the level of the Blues Aperitiv this year was high and there will certainly be some interesting talents with a promise for the future," Bezr concludes.

Blues Alive is the largest international festival of its genre in Central Europe. During its 23 years of existence, it has worked its way up to a world-renowned show, respected in the cradle of blues music, the United States of America. This was confirmed last year when Blues Alive received the Keeping The Blues Alive Award from the American Blues Foundation, the umbrella organization of blues music. Representatives of the festival organizers personally collected the award in Memphis, USA. Since its inception in 1996, Blues Alive has been presenting both the absolute legends of blues and its current greatest stars, but it has also been seeking after fresh discoveries at home and abroad. It focuses not only on traditional blues music, but also on a variety of conquests, blues search projects and blues-related music in the second plan. All this with the aim of to providing relevant information about the current state of blues, which is the root of all contemporary popular music, to Czech and foreign listeners, who are more and more to come to Šumperk at the festival weekend.

The finalists of the 21st year of the Blues Aperitiv competition are already known

In mid-February an expert jury, consisiting of music journalists, active musicians and festival promoters, selected seven groups to perform live at the final concert of the Blues Aperitiv international competition on Saturday, March 28, from 7 pm at the House of Culture in Šumperk.

There will be two winners, who are guaranteed to perform in the main program of the renowned Blues Alive festival, which takes place from 12 to 14 November this year. However, experience from previous years gives hope to more than two bands!

Bands qualifying for the final concert Blues Aperitiv XXI.

Blue Willmingtons (PL)
The PeaNuts (CZ)
Diapositive (PL)
Mo/Fo Cat Clarion (CZ)
Patt Berry Trio (CZ)
Blackberry Brothers (PL)
Foxy Mama (CZ)


Tommy G Band (CZ)
Fingerstyle Bob & The Blues Society (PL)


The bands applied for this year's Blues Aperitiv festival

Tommy G Band (CZ)
Christine & The Blue Drags (PL)
Jurajski Oddział Bluesowy (PL)
Štěpán Axman (CZ)
Fingerstyle Bob & The Blues Society (PL)
Foxy Mama (CZ)
Blackberry Brothers (PL)
Gang Olsena (PL)
Back to Roots (CZ)
Nazdárci (CZ)
Sweet Pepe (Spain)
Patt Berry Trio (CZ)
Mo/Fo Cat Clarion (CZ)
PBK Blues (CZ)
Diapositive (PL)
No Frames Band (PL)
Bluewine (SK)
Večery v jednom (CZ)
The George Dyer Band (PL)
The PeaNuts (CZ)
Blue Willmingtons (PL)
Nové struny (CZ)
The Blues Butcher´s Band (CZ)
The Shookies (CZ)


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Preparations for the 25th year of the festival

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Blues Aperitiv has been put off

The new date will be announced later.


The date of Blues Alive in 2021 is known

XXVI. Blues Alive will take place from 11th to 13th November 2021.


The date of Blues Aperitiv in 2021 is known

The Blues Aperitiv in 2021 will take place on March 20.