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PR FOTO Blues Alive

Joan Osborne /USA/
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_joan_osborne_1_n
dalsi fota: 2018_BA_joan_osborne_2_n

 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_joan_osborne_3_n

Ana Popovic /USA/
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Ana_Popovic_1_n
dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Ana_Popovic_2_n

dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Ana_Popovic_3_n

 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Ana_Popovic_4_n
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Ana_Popovic_6_n dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Ana_Popovic_5_n

dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Ana_Popovic_7_n

Joe Louis Walker /USA/ 
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Joe_Louis_Walker_1_n
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Joe_Louis_Walker_2_n
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Joe_Louis_Walker_3_n
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Jou_Louis_Walker_9_n dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Joe_Louis_Walker_5_n

dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Joe_Louis_Walker_6_n

 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Joe_Louis_Walker_7_n
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Jou_Louis_Walker_11_n  dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Jou_Louis_Walker_8_n  dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Jou_Louis_Walker_10_n
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Joe_Louis_Walker_4_n    
Fantastic Negrito /USA/
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Fantastic_Negrito_2._n

dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Fantastic_Negrito_1_n

 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Fantastic_Negrito_3_n

 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Fantastic_Negrito_4_n
dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Fantastic_Negrito_5_n
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Fantastic_Negrito_6_n
dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Fantastic_Negrito_7_n
dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Fantastic_Negrito_8_n dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Fantastic_Negrito_12_n
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Fantastic_Negrito_9_n  dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Fantastic_Negrito_11_n
dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Fantastic_Negrito_10_n
Forsal /PL/  
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Forsal_1_n
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Forsal_2_n
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Forsal_3_n
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_FORSAL_8_n

 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Forsal_4_n

 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Forsal_5_n

dalsi fota: 2018_BA_FORSAL_7_n

dalsi fota: 2018_BA_FORSAL_6_n

Four in Blue /CZ/ 
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Four_in_Blue_1_n
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Four_in_Blue_2_n  
Jan Fic /CZ/
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Jan_Fic_1_n

dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Jan_Fic_4_n

 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Jan_Fic_5_n

 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Jan_Fic_2_n
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Jan_Fic_3_n
Kel do Nascimento /Brazílie, CZ/
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Kel do Nascimento 2_n  dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Kel do Nascimento 6n  dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Kel do Nascimento 3_n
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Kel do Nascimento 4_n
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Kel do Nascimento 5_n  dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Kel do Nascimento 1 by-Claudio-Belli_n
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Kel do Nascimento 8_n

 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Kel do Nascimento 7_n

 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Kel do Nascimento 9_n

dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Kel do Nascimento 11_n
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Kel do Nascimento 10_n
Kiero Grande /SK/
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Kiero Grande round_n
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Kiero Grande 2_n
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Kiero_Grande_3_n
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Kiero_Grande_5_n
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Kiero_Grande_6_n
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Kiero_Grande_7_n
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Kiero_Grande_11_n
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Kiero_Grande_12_n
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Kiero_Grande_15_n
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Kiero_Grande_4_n
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Kiero_Grande_8_n
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Kiero_Grande_9_n
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Kiero_Grande_10_n
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Kiero_Grande_13_n
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Kiero_Grande_14_n
King Bee /CZ/ 
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_KING BEE 2_n
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_KING BEE 5_n  dalsi fota: 2018_BA_KING BEE 3_n
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_KING BEE 4_n
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_King Bee 1_n  dalsi fota: 2018_BA_KING_BEE_6_n
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_KING_BEE_7_n
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_KING_BEE_8_n
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_KING_BEE_9_n
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_KING_BEE_10_n
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_KING_BEE_11_n
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_KING_BEE_12_n
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_KING_BEE_13_n
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_KING_BEE_14_n
Luboš Andršt a Energit /CZ/  
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Luboš Andršt 1_n
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Luboš Andršt 2_n
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Luboš Andršt a Energit 1_n
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Luboš Andršt 3_n  dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Luboš Andršt a Energit 3_n
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Luboš Andršt a Energit 4_n
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Lubos_Andrst_8_n
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Lubos_Andrst_9_n
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Luboš Andršt a Energit 5_n
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Lubos_Andrst_10_n
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Lubos_Andrst_11_n
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Lubos_Andrst_12_n
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Lubos_Andrst_13_n
Tamikrest /Mali/  
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Tamikrest_2_n  dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Tamikrest_1_n  dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Tamikrest_3_n
Svatopluk & Sváťa Karásek /CZ/ 
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Skalak_1_n
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Skalak_3_n
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Skalak_5_n
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Svata_2_n  dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Svata_1_n  
Southern Avenue /USA/
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Southern_Avenue_1_n
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Southern_Avenue_2_n
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Southern_Avenue_3_n
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Southern_Avenue_4_n
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Southern_Avenue_5_n
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Southern_Avenue_6_n
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Southern_Avenue_7_n
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Southern_Avenue_8_n
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Southern_Avenue_9_n
ZVA 12-28 Band feat. Tomasz Kruk /SK, PL/
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Tomasz_Kruk_n
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_ZVA_01_n
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_ZVA_02_n
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_ZVA_03_n
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_ZVA_05_n
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_ZVA_06_n
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_ZVA_12_n
Welch Ledbetter Connection /USA/  
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Welch_Ledbetter_Connection_1_n
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Welch_Ledbetter_Connection_2_n
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Welch_Ledbetter_Connection_3_n
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Welch_Ledbetter_Connection_4_n
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Welch_Ledbetter_Connection_6_n
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Welch_Ledbetter_Connection_7_n
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Welch_Ledbetter_Connection_9_n
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Welch_Ledbetter_Connection_10_n
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Welch_Ledbetter_Connection_11_n
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Welch_Ledbetter_Connection_5_n
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Welch_Ledbetter_Connection_8_n
The Rick Derringer Band /USA
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Rick_Derringer_1_n
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Rick_Derringer_2_n
dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Rick_Derringer_3_n

dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Rick_Derringer_4_n

 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Rick_Derringer_5_n
Silesian Hammond Group /PL/
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Silesian_Hammond_Group_1_n
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Silesian_Hammond_Group_4_n
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Silesian_Hammond_Group_5_n
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Silesian_Hammond_Group_2_n
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Silesian_Hammond_Group_3_n
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Silesian_Hammond_Group_6_n
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Silesian_Hammond_Group_7_n
Mikoláš Chadima & Inrou /CZ/
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_INROU_1_n    
Mississippi Mixtape /SK/ 
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_MISSISSIPPI_MIXTAPE_1_n
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_MISSISSIPPI_MIXTAPE_2_n
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_MISSISSIPPI_MIXTAPE_3_n
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_MISSISSIPPI_MIXTAPE_4_n
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_MISSISSIPPI_MIXTAPE_5_n
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_MISSISSIPPI_MIXTAPE_6_n
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_MISSISSIPPI_MIXTAPE_10_n
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_MISSISSIPPI_MIXTAPE_11_n dalsi fota: 2018_BA_MISSISSIPPI_MIXTAPE_7_n

dalsi fota: 2018_BA_MISSISSIPPI_MIXTAPE_8_n

 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_MISSISSIPPI_MIXTAPE_9_n
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_MISSISSIPPI_MIXTAPE_12_n  dalsi fota: 2018_BA_MISSISSIPPI_MIXTAPE_13_n
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_MISSISSIPPI_MIXTAPE_14_n
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_MISSISSIPPI_MIXTAPE_15_n
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_MISSISSIPPI_MIXTAPE_16_n
Rev. Sekou /USA/ 
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Rev_Sekou_1_n
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Rev_Sekou_2_n
dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Rev_Sekou_3_n

dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Rev_Sekou_4_n

 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Rev_Sekou_6_n
dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Rev_Sekou_7_n

dalsi fota: 2018_BA_Rev_Sekou_5_n

North Mississippi Blues Project feat. RL Boyce, Kenny Brown, and Robert Kimbrough /USA/ 
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_North_Mississippi_Kenny_Brown_1_n
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_North_Mississippi_Lenny_Brown_n
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_North_Mississippi_RL_Boyce_2_n
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_North_Mississippi_RL_BOYCE_3_n
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_North_Mississippi_RL_Boyce_5_n
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_North_Mississippi_RL_Boyce_4_n
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_North_Mississippi_RL_Boyce_n
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_North_Mississippi_RL_Boyce_66_n  dalsi fota: 2018_BA_North_Mississippi_Robert_Kimbrough_1_n
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_North_Mississippi_Robert_Kimbrough_3_n  dalsi fota: 2018_BA_North_Mississippi_Robert_Kimbrough_4_n  dalsi fota: 2018_BA_North_Mississippi_Robert_Kimbrough_2_n
 dalsi fota: 2018_BA_North_Mississippi_Robert_Kimbrough_5_n


Preparations for the 25th year of the festival

dalsi fota: 2020_BA_TZ_pripravy_na_25_rocnik_festivalu_AN


Blues Aperitiv has been put off

The new date will be announced later.


The date of Blues Alive in 2021 is known

XXVI. Blues Alive will take place from 11th to 13th November 2021.


The date of Blues Aperitiv in 2021 is known

The Blues Aperitiv in 2021 will take place on March 20.