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Tamikrest /Mali/
For many years, BLUES ALIVE in its program has been trying to incorporate African music, the so-called African desert blues, into the context of African-American blues. Music that undoubtedly stood at the roots of what we've admired for hundreds of years on imported music from the Mississippi River Basin or the Chicago City barrelhouses. So far, we have had the opportunity to hear mixes and crossovers of both genres, whether it was JuJu band or Eric Bibb and Habib Koité. Only this year the festival will have something to do with real original Sahara blues imported directly from the Mali Desert. Being somewhat deviated from its essence towards a more modern rock form. We have year 2018.

The main examples of the Tamikrest band, originally from Algeria, were the legends of Tinariwen from Touareg. While their models still experienced bloody civilian battles with weapons in their hands that they could occasionally change for guitars, the second generation, embodied in the contemporary scene with Tamikrest as a "leader" of the style, is fighting only with their music and songs. The conditions are somewhat easier. In addition to the musical legacy of their ancestors, they already have world music recordings and the Internet: The names such as Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Bob Marley and Mark Knopfler are not unknown to them.

Their entering the world scene took place under the "white" guardianship. When the well-known Australian Hugo Race and his American colleague Chris Eckman, the former support of the famous The Walkabouts of Seattle, heard the Tamikrest in 2008 at the legendary Festival in the Desert in Mali (where, by the way, Robert Plant discovered African blues several years ago), they got fascinated by their music and recorded BKO album with them in 2010 in Bamako in Mali. His fascination with Tamikrest then helped Chris Eckman produce them their first three albums, the third of which, Chatma, was made in the Central Bohemian studio Sono under the supervision of sound engineer Milan Cimfe. Meanwhile their fifth album Kidal was released last year, and its repertoire will be presented in Sumperk by the first Saharan band in the history of BLUES ALIVE. So, let´s get to the desert!



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