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Fantastic Negrito /USA/
Though he is not a blues coffin dodger, his life could be turned into a pretty funny film that could start with his birth to the family of a Somali immigrant to America, where he became with his own name unspoken for ordinary mortals, Xavier Amin Dphrepaulezz - the eighth child in turn, followed by seven other brothers and sisters (the number of mothers, whom his Muslim father had these fifteen descendants, is unknown). It could continue with the wild stories of Xavier's early youth, spent on crack (which he also trafficked in), discovering love for music through Prince's album Dirty Mind, the first musical experiments, probably a rather harsh car crash after which he spent three weeks in a coma, leaving musical career, fortunately temporary, and a subsequent return. But this whole film story would have to start with February 12, 2017 at the Staples Center for Grammy Awards: "The Best Contemporary Blues Album ..." "... and the winner is ... The Last Day of Oakland by Fantastic Negrito! "And a great applause.

This year's fifty-year-old former tike came up with the most difficult album of his life, which he had to confirm for the Grammy Award for the last one. No fear. No matter which name will be called at the same ceremony, the album Please Do Not Be Dead is really great. Fantastic Negrito is one of those musicians that shows the way in which blues could go not only these days but also in the next decades. This is mainly by abandoning dogmatic structures and themes while preserving the essence. Negrito's work is stylishly layered, as his beloved Prince would do if he wanted to be a modern bluesman.

There are not only the reflections of the classic blues genre (but always sonically innovated), but also of soul, rock, gospel, rhythm: We could feel the lessons in hip hop, this contemporary blues of the African-American community. There are no predictable twelve-bar blues and boring guitar solos - and yet it's blues. In essence, Fantastic Negrito speaks about social issues, talking about the need to cope with his own past and skin color, but he does not do that in an ostentatious and pathetical way. Humor is not missing. Please Do Not Be Dead is just an album for those who feel blues is long gone and they do not like it. And if this opinion has not been reevaluated after listening to the album, it will surely happen after Negrito's performance, which this year's BLUES ALIVE culminates in.



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