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Welch Ledbetter Connection /USA/
Guitarist Monster Mike Welch belonged to a triumvirate of boys in the 1990s, and two of them have already performed on the BLUES ALIVE stage in recent years: Kenny Wayne Shepherd (1977) and Jonny Lang (1981). Welch is between them in term of age, he was born in 1979 and talks about him being a "miracle with a guitar" began thirteen years later when his band opened Cambridge House of Blues and its shocked co-owner, actor in "Blues Brother" movie Dan Aykdoyd changed Welch's nickname "Little Mikey" to "Monster Mike". Welch has never developed his career as his age competitors towards rock or pop, he has always remained faithful to the pure blues expression, collaborating with Duke Robillard, Johnny Winter, and Jimmy Vaughan. He has released six albums "in his name" (the first when he was seventeen), and in 2001 he became a member of the famous Sugar Ray & The Bluetones. In 2016 he happened to meet Mike Ledbetter in the right place at the right time and they clicked immediately. Their first album, rightly named Right Place, Right Time, and full of pure-blooded electric blues style of the 50s and 60s, won seven nominations for the most prestigious Blues Music Awards, and it was crowned with laurels as the Best Blues Album.



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