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Mississippi Mixtape /SK/
Regular visitors to our festival are familiar with this band not only because they, as BLUES APERITIV last year's winner, played in the foyer at BLUES ALIVE last year, but for one more important reason. It started as a personal and partly a stylish upheaval in the band Bluesraiders, which already performed in Šumperk in 2013 (when it had won the BLUES APERITIV) and in 2014. The band was started by Ján Litecký-Šveda jr., which on one hand proves that the musical apple did not fall far from the tree; on the other hand, however, where Ján's father tried to get to the heart of the deepest matter, his descendant is heading for modernity. "I have been captivated with black music in its cruelty, urgency and dirt. And so, we united two of our greatest inspirations: blues roots and funky form into the modern funky smelling of blues," they say.



Blues Alive Ticktes

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