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ZVA 12-28 Band feat. Tomasz Kruk /SK, PL/
The name of this Saturday's afternoon concert tells everything. In blues connotations and unusual assemblies, BLUES ALIVE introduces musicians that the audience certainly knows well but keeps them in mind either in a completely different genre or personal context. An unprecedented encounter will undoubtedly bring extraordinary experiences - we believe it is mostly in the positive sense of the word.

One of the most popular Slovak blues bands, which has played many times in BLUES ALIVE, has been approached by the dramaturgy with a request for a "special project" for this year's edition. Different variants eventually resulted into a one-time connection that you will not hear anywhere else. The Slovakian quartet will be joined by the outstanding Polish guitar player Tomasz Kruk, who has played in Sumperk in the past few years both in Przytuła & Kruk and his extended ensemble called Gruff!. It is not certain now what repertoire the gentlemen will come with, but we can rely on one thing: it will be an extraordinary experience. As always with these musicians.



Blues Alive Ticktes

Ticket sales will start on June 17 at 2:00 p.m. with the GoOut sales network and at the Hous of Culture Šumperk.