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Svatopluk & Sváťa Karásek /CZ/
The name of this Saturday's afternoon concert tells everything. In blues connotations and unusual assemblies, BLUES ALIVE introduces musicians that the audience certainly knows well but keeps them in mind either in a completely different genre or personal context. An unprecedented encounter will undoubtedly bring extraordinary experiences - we believe it is mostly in the positive sense of the word.

When serious illness prevented one of the most significant personalities of the Czech underground, the songwriter Sváťa Karásek from giving concerts, his music friends did not want his songs, based mainly on the adaptations of American traditions and compositions by blues-gospel authors with very original Czech texts, to disappear from stages. The initiator of the new band Svatopluk was Rosťa Tvrdík, a musician established especially as a bass player of classical music, but also a former member of the Karásek´s band Pozdravpámbu, which played at the fifth year of BLUES ALIVE in 2000.

Tvrdík invited to the band Svatopluk, now together with Sváťa Karásek again, mostly classical rock musicians actually belonging to the category of genre legends, ahd thus unknowingly he perfectly fulfilled the motto of this thematic afternoon, "how you do not know them". Ivan Pelíšek on the drums (Abraxas), Petr Kumandžas on the bass (Plastic People of the Universe, Půlnoc, Jolly Joker and The Beatles of the Universe). And a raw recruit is the frontman of one of the hardest Czech bands, metal Boron, guitarist Kuba Tóth. So be prepared for everything.



Blues Alive Ticktes

Ticket sales will start on June 17 at 2:00 p.m. with the GoOut sales network and at the Hous of Culture Šumperk.