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Mikoláš Chadima & Inrou /CZ/
The name of this Saturday's afternoon concert tells everything. In blues connotations and unusual assemblies, BLUES ALIVE introduces musicians that the audience certainly knows well but keeps them in mind either in a completely different genre or personal context. An unprecedented encounter will undoubtedly bring extraordinary experiences - we believe it is mostly in the positive sense of the word.

Saxophonist, guitarist, singer and this time also a flute and harp player is known especially as the former support of the alternative band Extempore and especially the longtime head of his own MCH Band, famous for a portfolio of style-forming projects and recordings that has been crucial for home rock scene. But everyone has their roots, and Mikoláš Chadima now bits on the side.

The band Inrou was active on the Czech scene in 1972-74, in the "golden days when the hair was long, we had nothing to worry about, and you could buy so much beer for 50 crowns that you could not even drink it,” they remember themselves. Ondřej Konrád and Vojtěch Lindaur wrote in their book Život v tahu aneb třicet roků v rocku: " Inrou came in the legend of a wild band with mainly dancing focus. They performed very successfully in Žofín in January 1973 together with then the band V. Mišík Formation. Their repertoire was mostly blues classics, they were also trying their own hard rock songs. "We'll see if we will be taken by surprise after forty-five years ...



Blues Alive Ticktes

Ticket sales will start on June 17 at 2:00 p.m. with the GoOut sales network and at the Hous of Culture Šumperk.