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Rev. Sekou /USA/
The full name Reverend Osagyefo Uhuru Sekou is an extraordinary personality not only on the African-American musical scene, but also on the intellectual one.Together with a Harvard theology diploma, the experience as a pastor in Boston or New York, working as a humanitarian activist in the earthquake disaster in Haiti or Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana, with a rich portfolio of professorships from Princeton to Sorbonne, with five published books and being one of the most active human rights campaigners, he is also an outstanding musician, singer and author, combining the spiritual and secular African-American musical tradition, namely spiritual, gospel, and blues.

Roar. Sekou comes from Saint Louis, but he grew up in the rural environment of the Arkansas Delta, where he got inspired by local musical tradition. His music is described as a blend of North Mississippi Hill Blues, Memphis Soul and so-called sacred steel music, spiritually oriented gospel music, where the organ was replaced by the steel guitar. Rev. Sekou released his debut album In Times Like These last year in collaboration with one of the most popular American blues bands North Mississippi Allstars led by brothers Cody and Luther Dickinsons. They will not be playing at the BLUES ALIVE concert, but we will still be having something to do with not only a great musical, but undoubtedly spiritual, or, if you want, a thoughtful experience.



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