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Luboš Andršt a Energit /CZ/
Guitarist Luboš Andršt Only is one of very few Czech musicians have been moving so easily throughout their lives in different genres. And always on the top level. He has played in a variety of rock and jazz formations, he has been a great star of the jazz-rock period of our musical history, and in the 90s he even tried a genuine but undoubtedly good pop music as Marta Kubišová's bandmaster. His real domain, as well as the style that he has felt in the subtext of all his musical manifestations, has always been blues that has been running in his blood since his early youth. Undoubtedly, he could sign a famous statement by one of the most famous and similarly talented guitarists, Eric Clapton: " “If you hand me a guitar, I'll play the blues. That's the place I automatically go.” 

Luboš Andršt celebrates 70th birthday this year, and his performance at BLUES ALIVE is also part of his celebrations. When contemplating which of his current projects he would introduce to the audience, he decided to come up with the current renewed form of the Energit group, mainly because the BA audience has not seen this lineup yet, unlike variations of his Blues Band.
"In the early seventies I played together with Vláďa Padrůněk in Martin Kratochvíl´s Jazz Q, but when the Flamengo broke up, we agreed with drummer Ernouš Šedivý and the keyboardist and, in my opinion, absolutely unappreciated singer Ivan Khunt that we will try it together. So, I left Jazz Q and bassist Vláďa Padrůněk went with me to start a new band. Today I would probably stay with Jazz Q and play in Energit. But in those days we took it seriously, as a matter of opinion and honor. Deserting was not tolerated, "recalls the protagonist.

The first phase of Energit was inspired by the current rock, which was not only blues-based but also jazz-like. Unfortunately, the lineup did not last long - Šedivý and Khunt emigrated, and after a short period of time Padrůněk left for Mišík's ETC ... and Andršt compiled a new lineup, which was purely jazz-rock. After many years, in 2017, he recalled his original repertoire, recorded it on Time's Arrow in a restored lineup with another rock legend Vladimír Guma Kulhánek and a generation younger musician, drummer Jiří Zelenka and keyboardist and singer Jan Holeček. These musicians as the reborn Energit are arriving at BLUES ALIVE.



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